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Loyalty Money Power Respect

by Ke'leon New Sw@gg

Released 2012
Suayphil Entertainment
Released 2012
Suayphil Entertainment
Debut effort for the Hip Hop rookie. Creating lyrical visuals with his stories is the trademark. Welcome to the New Sw@gg Era!
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Markel L. Stewart , also known by his stage name Ke’leon New Sw@gg, AkA Neighood is a Rapper/Singer/Songwriter. He first exploded on the scene in 2004 as a 14 year old phenom under The Dat Hollow Boy Productions label. His unique singing style and unorthodox flow makes him a double threat, with a movie role to add to his credits. A father of 4, he feels that family is extremely important, and a lot of his material comes from real life experiences, whether his or someone he knows.

Stewart was born Dec 7, 1989 In Agusta,GA . Soon after his family moved back to Detroit, Michigan , where he stayed until he was one year old. Times where hard for his young mother and father so they sent him to live with his maternal grandparents in Columbia, TN where he resides till this day. He attended the Maury County public school system, where he took part in extracurricular activities such as baseball and basketball.

Stewart’s love of music started at an early age listening to the radio with his grandmother. He fell in love with the Hip Hop culture when he discovered the sounds of the late great Tupac Shakur. He got his first crack at making records at age 14 when he was discovered by Phil Suay Lo Anderson of the then Dat Hollow Boy Productions under the stage name, Skoolkhid. Anderson thought he had a real gift and decided to take him under his wing. His first projects included a feature on the music soundtrack to the stage play, “What a Difference a Day Makes.” That led him to receive a supporting role in the independent film, Hank’s Place. At this time, he was honing his skills and learning the ropes of the industry while perfecting his craft.

Though a talented artist, Stewart lost track of things and ended up giving 3yrs of his life as a minor to state custody in Tennesee for a host of charges. Although beaten but not broken, the Rapper/Singer says, “I wouldn’t change what I went through for the world for it made who I am today.”A month before His 18th birthday in November 2007 he was released from state custody And Started recording again. He has performed numerous shows with no LP, getting rave reviews from his fans and peers alike. He reconnected with Suay Lo, and the two were back in the saddle again on their quest for global supremacy.

Ke’Leon has 4 children, Brianna, Aryanna, Teiona, and Markaden that all reside with him. Family is everything to him, and it is the driving force for his success. He enjoys making videos for YouTube and quality time with his little ones. Writing is his passion, as it gives him an outlet to release stress. And anytime he can get in the booth, he takes full advantage of all the opportunities to do just that.

Ke’Leon has the skills to become legendary and the drive to be a real contender in the showbiz game. When asked what motivates him he smiles and says “my fans.”Even though he’s been on the scene since 14 years old, his career is just beginning with no plans to stop any time soon. Now at 22 years old, he’s been working hard in the lab on his debut album, Loyalty, Money, Power, and Respect. Not a Skoolkhid anymore, Ke’Leon is all grown up and ready to show the world what his Sw@gg is made of.

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